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Local Author and “Style Catalyst” Interviewed on “Business Newsmakers Radio With Lou Garino”, Discusses the Empowerment of Mature Women

THE WOODLANDS, TX (June 5, 2015) – There is an epidemic of mindset that a “woman of a certain age” is no longer marketable or stylish. Noted spokeswoman and “style catalyst” Anne Reizer, author of the book “Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women,” is a strong opponent to this view. Reizer was recently interviewed by host Lou Garino on Business Newsmakers Radio 1110 KTEK-AM, a Wall St. Journal Radio Network, Bloomberg Radio Station in Houston. Read More


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There Are More People In Their 60's and 70's In The United States Than Ever Before!

Today, one in three Americans is now 50 or older. By 2030, one out of every five people in the U.S. will be 65-plus. Those age 65 and older numbered 39.6 million in 2009, a number that has continued to explode. Read More

Contact: Janet Shapiro
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60 Really is the New 40!

There are 10,000 baby boomers turning 60 daily. The aging demographics over the next four decades will be dramatically different then they were two decades prior. Read More


‘Beautiful Encore’ author inspires mature, true beauty

“Beautiful Encore,” a book on beauty geared toward women ages 55 and up, was recently published on Jan. 20, by author Anne Reizer.

A resident of The Woodlands, this is Reizer’s first book, and was two years in the making.

“It’s been fun; I’m very proud of it,” said Reizer.

Click here to read the rest of the article, as published in The Woodlands Villager

- Caitlin Knox of The Woodlands Villager

"This book is full of wonderful examples of beautiful and accomplished older women. Age-appropriate health and beauty advice is accented with super photography."

- 5 of 5 stars - Kimberly Schimmel

"This is a great book! It shows different styles worn by fashionable women, many who are in their sixties. The women's make-up, outfits, and overall appearances are really beautiful. Throughout the book, we read about the different models and their interesting stories. The book has a good mix of text and pictures, and the author also discusses health and fitness."

- 5 of 5 stars - H. Marshall

"Beautiful Encore reads very much like a book of affirmations for the mature woman: you're beautiful and you matter. Through a series of makeovers of women of various ethnicities and ages ranging from 50 to 80, the book wants women to embrace the later years of life with confidence and joy.

The book is broken down by a series of makeovers bookended with short articles by experts ranging from exercise, refreshing wardrobe, facial rejuvenation, hearing loss, skin care, eating, and more. Each of the makeovers feature different women from all walks of life - prestigious to humble. We get a bio of each woman, the makeover photos (makeup/hair/wardrobe) and their thoughts of life at that age.

The photography is well done though the makeovers do tend to be very similar; often shorter hair with a side part and a colorful new outfit. The makeovers do look good, though, and it is obvious from the women that they have enjoyed the process.

The author points out that this is not a how-to book; rather, it's to empower mature women to reinvest in themselves physically and emotionally. I found the blurb articles to be fairly short - so the reinvestment is going to have to come from the reader and not from any steps in the book. But perhaps that is for the best since it allows each woman to maintain/retain their unique personality. But it may leave them confused where to start - and difficult to dig out of the current mold they are in.

Beautiful Encore is a nicely presented, if perhaps somewhat shallow, exploration of the mature woman. With a colorful but clean layout, large type face, and full page photos, it is certainly a lovely book to contemplate on an afternoon. Reviewed from an advanced reader copy provided by the publisher."

- 4 of 5 stars - Andrea Joki

"A great resource for any woman entering her golden years that wants a fresh start! I've always been a sucker for makeovers. I LOVE the idea that anyone, anywhere can reinvent themselves at any time and this book is chock full of beautiful women aged 60+ who are rocking new styles. It not only covers fashion, hair and makeup, but discusses exercise, cosmetic procedures and more."

- 5 of 5 stars - Teri Ahim

"Sometimes, later in life, we just need a boost to help restore our confidence and for an I MATTER reminder. This is exactly what Anne Reizer's new book, Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women, does."

- Pamela Lutrell, fashion blogger's Review of Beautiful Encore

Read a review by Susan Street of Fifty, not Frumpy and enter her giveaway for a chance to win a copy of Beautiful Encore.

Click here to read the latest review of Beautiful Encore, written by popular blogger Geri Brin of

"Finally, a book written for all of the fabulous over 50 women who wish to keep living active, joyful, engaged lives! Anne Reizer demonstrates powerfully through makeovers and research just how important and empowering confidence is, and proves a key component of confidence is polished personal style!”

- Pamela Lutrell, fashion blogger for women over 50,

"Any woman who 'feels invisible' the moment she turns 50 will do herself a mega favor by opening her mind and eyes to the compelling guidance and dramatic photos in Anne Reizer's life-changing new book. The marvelous ladies you'll meet will make you think and act - in exciting new ways - about the way you look, and will absolutely inspire you to take the next part of your by storm."

- Geri Brin, founder,

"Anne’s approach to women and aging are very inspirational! She starts with your health from the inside that radiates to outer beauty. I love that she advocates to go with confidence with your aging process, accept it (it will happen to all of us!), and become your true self through Anne's approachable, intelligent, transformational program.”

- Elisabeth Halfpapp, EVP, mind body programming, exhale enterprises, inc.

“Anne Reizer’s inspiration moves us to consider our 'visual presentation,' both boldly and gracefully at any age! She empowers us to embrace our appearance in a confident and authentic manner. Classic, timeless, personal style gives every woman a distinctly visible advantage as we pursue our professional and personal goals, and Beautiful Encore provides a treasure trove of tools to accomplish this worthwhile effort.”

- Kathryn Greeley, ASID, Interior Designer and author of The Collected Tabletop

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